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Gentle. Simple. Precise. These are the most important criteria to take care of when you’re taking your child’s body temperature. Apparently, the eardrum is an extremely accurate point to measure body temperature from because it is recessed inside the head (just like your tongue). The problem with the eardrum is that it is so fragile. You don't want to be touching the eardrum with a thermometer. The newly invented Gesundleben Portable Infrared Ear Thermometer with German technology allows you to check your child’s temperature without damaging their eardrums!

Infra-red Detection

The detection of the eardrum's temperature a remote sensing problem. Granted, it is not very remote -- just a centimeter or so. But it's remote nonetheless! It turns out that the remote sensing of an object's temperature can be done using its infrared radiation. This technique is a very good way to detect the temperature of a person's eardrum without causing severe damage to it.


Original German Technology

The idea behind the temperature sensor in the ear thermometer is to create a device that is sensitive to very subtle changes in infrared emission. This device is created with that in mind. One common sensor is the thermopile, which can be accurate to a tenth of a degree. The thermopile sees the eardrum and measures its infrared emissions. The emission is converted into a temperature and displayed on an LCD for accurate reading.