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Anion Stole (Scarf Series) with NEORON (180cm x 38cm)

RM 405.00

Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. They are created in nature by the effects of water, air, sunlight and the Earth’s inherent radiation. Negatively charged ions are most prevalent in natural places and particularly around moving water or after a thunderstorm.

That taste in the air and feeling you get at the beach, near a waterfall or after a storm is your body being saturated in the benefits of negative ions. What if there were a way to take that feeling you have with you and keep it going 24 hours a day? 

Negative Ions are missing in the entire “Developed Modern World” that helps to elevates our Well-Being. That is the reason why illnesses become more prone in current societies.

Benefits of Negative-Charged-Ions (Anion) to Human Body

  • Negative Ion can Purify Blood
  • Negative Ions can Increase Cell Metabolism
  • Strengthen Immune System
  • Balance Autonomic Nerves Function
  • Neutralise Free Radicals

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